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Andy Nelson

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An energetic and high-spirited cowboy poet and humorist from Pinedale Wyoming, Andy offers history, heritage and hilarity of the cowboy culture through traditional poetry and storytelling. During his childhood and adolescence, Andy’s greatest influence was traveling with his father to his many farrier jobs. He brings humor and authenticity to his performances, entertaining audiences across the U.S. and Canada. Andy has received the Male Poet of the Year numerous times from the Western Music Association and is the producer and co-host of the "Clear Out West (C.O.W.) Radio" weekly syndicated radio show.    Andy's Website


"One of the most dynamic cowboy entertainers today, Nelson's vivid descriptions, voice inflections and fluid recitation bring his stories to life in listeners' imaginations." Western Horseman Magazine

 “Great writing comes from a unique and true perspective. A humble outlook with an eye for the positive in life's most challenging circumstances describes Andy's approach to life in the modern mountain west. Andy is a simple soul that intricately weaves imagery, humor, and deep emotion into every verse he pens. Relative to anyone who loves the lore and lifestyle of the true west, Andy's poetry will leave you enlightened and entertained and you might just wonder how anyone could lie so well yet be so true.”

–Brenn Hill Singer/Songwriter

 Andy writes poems that are best heard.  They come out like stories he’d be telling us while he was shoein’ your horse.  He is a “performer” whether he is on stage or in the horse barn. Conceding that most cowboy poets come from a “Cowboy” background, each has their specialty, like ropin’, buildin’ fence, milking cows, carving leather, preg checking, ridin’ pens, fixing combines, shearing sheep, irrigating or working at the race track. Andy is a farrier, a handy skill in the world of cows and horses. Which gives him instant respect equal to a good ranch roper, the kind you would invite to your branding. He reminds me a little of Bruce Kiskaddon, simple yet articulate, prolific, smooth and most of all…they’re funny. They’re two good ol’ country boys that can find their way around downtown.

-Baxter Black DVM

Andy Nelson and I have romped around the western entertainment circuit for a some time now, and I’ve had the chance to see how his words and performances affect those with western sensibilities. As the relatively new genre of cowboy poetry grows and evolves, I’ve always thought of Andy as one of its first adults, someone who brings more than just boilerplate campfire stories and rodeo yarns to the eyes and ears of western aficionados.  His poetry and stories are sharp, hilarious and meaningful.

- Jon Chandler Novelist, Singer/ Songwriter

Andy Nelson is noted as one of the best, on stage, cowboy poet entertainers in the game today, and deservedly so. He’s likable, funny, witty, interesting, knowledgeable and writes great material. His books and CDs rivals his stage status for with it you get to savor many things that stage show energy shoots by you so quickly. With his books and CDs you are privy to people, stories, faith, hopes, philosophy, and place so few get to experience today. You get to learn, laugh and apply logic from your arm chair, bed or john. Then you get to do it all again and again as you please. This here is good stuff.

- Waddie Mitchell

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