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 The HIgh Country COwboys

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The High Country Cowboys are creating headlines with their  signature sound—while roping in a legion of fans across the U.S.  With the force of a blustery wind swirling down the slope of a majestic Montana

mountain, the High Country Cowboys—powered by their acclaimed three-part western harmonies—are fast becoming one of the most-celebrated and most-awarded cowboy music groups in America. The group’s growing popularity, fueled by national TV appearances in 2017 and 2018 that reached more than 50

million viewers, has sparked an expanding list of performances in more and more venues across the U.S.


Tapping into the good old days of western music and the singing cowboy heroes of the silver screen like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, the High Country Cowboys have crafted their own unique brand of cowboy music. Born and raised in the heart of ranch country in south central Montana where the roads are dirt and the cows

still outnumber the people, these three brothers—John, Joe and Marty Kosel—grew up watching B-western films on VHS, which instilled in them their love for the West and for cowboy music.


“We definitely incorporate classic cowboy songs from the early days of western music in our shows and on our albums, while mixing in new cowboy songs that we’ve written,” explains John. “We’re truly honored that our songs and harmonies  have been compared to the giants of cowboy music, such as the Sons of the

Pioneers and Marty Robbins.”  Their crisp, clear vocals and on-stage performances have caught the attention of western music associations. The Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association awarded them “Music Group of the Year” in 2017 and 2018. The PCCAA also awarded the group “Best Album of the Year”; in 2018 for their album “Cowboy.” Lead singer  Marty took home PCCAA &”Yodeler of the Year”; in 2017 and “Male Vocalist of the

Year”; in 2018.


The High Country Cowboys performances on the Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association’s   (PCCAA) inaugural awards show held in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, in 2017 were enjoyed by some 25 million viewers with multiple airings on RFD-TV’s The Cowboy Channel. The audience for the 2018 PCCAA awards show on The

Cowboy Channel exploded to more than 50 million viewers.


“The High Country Cowboys are, hands down, the best cowboy music group out there. Their singing is on par with the legendary Sons of the Pioneers,” declares Royal Wade Kimes, founder of the PCCAA national recording artist known as “The Gentleman Outlaw,” Kimes has recorded fourteen albums, received numerous awards as an artist and has written songs for Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Gene Watson and others.


Other accolades for the High Country Cowboys include the International Western Music Association (IWMA)  recognizing their album ”Cowboy”; as “Best Album of the Year”; in 2017, and the IWMA awarding Marty “Yodeler of the Year” three times.  Impressive accomplishments for a group that officially started in 2014 with a nudge from their sister.


“In 2006, we decided to pursue music with a classic cowboy sound,” recalls Joe. “We only played for family and friends. Then our sister signed us up to sing at the local community center—without asking us if we wanted to do it. I didn’t want to! I was really scared! Anyway, after that first performance, they kept asking us back.

Somebody from the local historic hotel heard us and asked us to play there—and get paid! Now we’re performing at theaters and music festivals across the country.”


In 2018, the group performed at venues in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arkansas, New Mexico and Montana. “Last year was a fantastic year on the road for us,” notes John. “We played a lot of Cowboy Gatherings and music fests! We finished the year off with our Christmas show at the Alberta Bair Theater in Billings,

Montana.”  And now 2019 is already shaping up to be their busiest year yet. “We’ve got a busy couple of months coming up for us in February and March,” acknowledges Marty. “We’re performing in Nevada, Washington, Texas, New Mexico and Utah. Most of these are cowboy poetry and music gatherings, which

are a lot fun to do. They put us in front of very appreciative audiences.


“Some of our goals for 2019,” he adds, “include doing a lot more of the cowboy gatherings and more concerts and theater type shows. But our main goal is simple—to get some really good music and memorable performances out there for folks to enjoy.”   The High Country Cowboys Website

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