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Fall River Boys

Cowboy Music & Poetry

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The Fall River Boys have been entertaining crowds all over Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington and Utah for the past few years with their wit, talent and overall pleasant demeanor.  This award winning duo performs work that is original and based on their own experiences and the true stories and legends that are still alive in the west.  They recently released their newest CD simply titled “The Fall River Boys” and are currently working on a new CD for a 2023 release.  Sit back, chew on some straw and enjoy!

Born and raised on a farm in Idaho, Mark E. Seeley has a great appreciation for the Western way of life. In his music and award winning poetry, Mark shares the lessons he learned growing up as well as stories with “morals, laughs, wonderment and tears.”  A virtuoso of the lingerie washboard, he also performs on the harmonica and tenor vocals.

Scott Glen Lambertsen, a singer, songwriter currently from Idaho, first picked up a guitar at the age of 12. By age 14 he was writing songs and performing. Having performed rock, bluegrass, folk, country and the blues over the years he now returns to his roots with songs of the west and his beloved Rocky Mountains with songs tied to his deep western and pioneer roots.

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