Mark Muntzer

The ranch-man, descendant of horse-folk and cow-losopher, performs regularly at Western events, dude ranches and Cowboy Gatherins. Mark reveals “that in my heart, I knew I was meant to be a cowboy. An’ while life didn’t always allow the fate, along the bumpy trail, I did a fair piece of day workin’. I made a hand, biddin’ my skills with horses, cows, cowboys, cowgirls, and too many fences. Poetic parlance and rhymsical recitin’ to make you smile, laugh, tear-up, and ponder. Mark Munzert tells the stories and lessons of cowboy life, horse happenings, and cow-losophy in engaging fashion. 2018 National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo Champion Mark Munzert will be a great addition to any show!

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Cache Valley Cowboy Rendezvous

"Out for a Stroll" 

By Kristen Lloyd

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