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Brian Arnold

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Brian was born and raised in the rapidly vanishing rural area west of Ogden, Utah, and still lives in Hooper, UT with his wife Teri, who is a Cache Valley native. His early years were spent hauling hay, mucking out stalls, and working at the local stockyards to earn his first rodeo entry fees. Now, 30+ years later, whenever he gets the chance he still day rides for friends on their ranches, working cattle and helping range riders in Wyoming, Idaho, Northern Utah, and Nevada.  Every time the call comes for help, it is always accompanied by a request (order) to bring his guitar. To serenade his favorite audience, ‘the guys I’ve been cowboyin’ with all day, with the boss usually saying: “As soon as we get unsaddled here, we’ll feed the horses. Go get your guitar and get tuned up. We want to hear some real cowboy music.” Brian performs with the group “SaddleStrings”, and with Laurie Morgan or solo.  The group has performed from Pendleton, OR, to Albuquerque, NM, and a lot of places in between. He’s written some of the songs that you will find on all SaddleStrings albums and most of the cowboy poetry that he performs.  He has one solo album, entitled “Cow Man”. Brian has 5 children and is a member of the Western Music Association, Cowboy Poets of Utah, and Cowboy Poets of Idaho.  Email:

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