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Kristen Lloyd

aka Krazy Ani

Kristen Lloyd2018.jpg

Introducing Kristen Lloyd, known affectionately as Krazy Ani, a multifaceted singer/songwriter, author/illustrator, cowboy poet, inspirational speaker, and Western entertainer hailing from Wasatch County, Utah. Since 2010, she has captivated audiences with her musical prowess and lasso skills, earning acclaim as “Krazy Ani the Train Robber” during her tenure with the Heber Valley Historic Railroad. Kristen's original music resonates with listeners of all ages, touching hearts and sparking imaginations.


Growing up on her grandparents' dairy farm in southeast Idaho, Kristen's journey was shaped by challenges and a lack of formal education opportunities. Yet, through her love for music, drawing cartoons, the Western arena arts, and caring for animals, she found solace and inspiration, eventually pursuing a higher education and graduating from Brigham Young University and establishing her own business.


Today, Kristen is on a mission to uplift and inspire others through her motivational speaking and creative endeavors. Building on her foundation as a Western entertainer, she now focuses her talents on helping children learn to "Find Your Brave." Kristen's "Find Your Brave" school assembly, alongside her award-winning "Find Your Brave" children's book and award-winning original song "My Brave," have become transformative tools empowering kids to confront their fears with courage and resilience. Her efforts are changing lives, and provide parents and teachers with practical resources to support young learners in facing their fears.


Residing in Midway, Utah, with her husband Devin and their young daughter, Lillian, Kristen invites you to explore the journey of bravery and resilience with her. Visit to learn more about her journey and the "Find Your Brave" initiative.

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