Educational Outreach

2020 Cache Valley Cowboy Rendezvous Education Outreach Program

The CVCR Educational Outreach Program was created to provide high quality educational western experiences with song and poetry in our rural Cache County schools and outlying areas. This program is funded by a generous grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation.    CVCR volunteers coordinate this 2019, 9 talented performers were in 24 schools, educating over 6100 students. This year  we have these fine performers working in the schools: 

Gary Allegretto-, 2019 IWMA Male Entertainer of the year, award winning and internationally acclaimed performer and recording artist. He is the founder of Harmonikids and will teach our local students how to play 3-4 songs on the harmonica in 1 hr. 

Sam DeLeeuw-Teaches about western life through poetry & writing skills; often accompanied by Dave Anderson or Chris Mortensen professional western musicians, and   Thatch Elmer & Colton Blankman school age cowboy poets teaching/mentoring their peers as they present their poetry. 

Clive Romney-is a Pearl Award winning songwriter/singer, story teller of Utah History. Clive plays the guitar, banjo, shovel and rake if your looking at the right time.  Clives programs are a great supplement to Utah History core curriculum, with

Krazy Ani (aka Kristen Lloyd)-is a musician, singer/songwriter and master of  “Old West Arena Arts” (trick roper, whip cracking, etc.) & western cartoon artist, will teach children about the old west and inspire them with great morals. 


Kristyn Harris is 25 year old, American Idol finalist, songwriter & musician.  Teaches skills and encourages students to follow their dreams and succeed. She is now the reigning IWMA Entertainer of the Year for 4 years in a row, which is the highest award given. 

Ernie Sites  guides students in creative writing process hands on production of students own written work.  Write, recite and evaluate with their peers. He also performs whole school western assemblies using song, storytelling, yodeling, trick roping and teaching values of the west, historical facts and western culture.


Johnson Creek - Craig & Lenora Johnson, will lead students on a musical/historical journey through the west.  Lenora plays several instruments too which students will love!


The performers arrive early in the week before the main CVCR event to teach and entertain our students in unique ways, enhancing their self esteem & educational core curriculum through western/folk music; poetry writing/recitation; hands-on instrument instruction & storytelling.  This provides meaningful links between what they learn in books and in their own personal lives. The Outreach Program also includes the poetry contests, giving kids of all ages a chance to write, and/or recite poetry and practice public speaking skills.  Some performers and CVCR committee members present educational programs later in the spring and fall, reaching even more students near and far during the year.

Our volunteers and performers are pleased to work with the schools  & students, to make a difference in their lives, giving them alternative activities and ideas that teach great values, molding them into more rounded, informed and positive individuals.  We are very grateful for the generous grant donation that makes this all possible from Sorenson Legacy Foundation!

Cache Valley Cowboy Rendezvous