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Education Outreach Program

Go to for more information and to schedule a performer in your school.

Clive Romney-   website link:(    

3 Different options:  Clive will be here on March 6-10thth   and again in May 15-19th tentatively 

Clive is a Pearl Award-winning songwriter/singer, storyteller, arranger/producer, and teacher who is a 50 +year veteran of the music business and Artistic Director of Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts. He is a balladeer who tells of the extraordinary lives of the Utah Pioneers and Utah History

-  Utah History - 4th Grade core curriculum Interactive Stories & Songs – 

-  Transcontinental Railroad – 4th Grade & 5th Grade History core - Interactive Stories & Songs; 45 min.; 

- Pioneer Games and Activities for entire grade - 100 students or less in gym during winter, or outside during the May presentations.

Doug Figgs –(  

Western music singer/songwriter from Lemitar, NM.  Doug has won numerous awards for his music,  He is inspired by the cowboy/western life he lives.

-Western Music/Cowboy Songs: Where they came from, what they’re about –Interactive program; classroom or assembly.  Have fun, learn a little bit about history and be proud of our western roots!   

- Book sharing – “Lets Sing a Lullaby with the “Brave Little Cowboy” – 2nd grade level book – Doug performs the audio and reads the book, and shares other western songs – sing a long... Geared more towards younger grades.  

Kristen Lloyd – aka Krazy Ani -(    

-Find My Brave, Trick Roping:   Krazy Ani (aka Kristen Lloyd) is a gifted entertainer who got her inspiration from a trick roper that came to her school. This event changed her life and inspired her to learn trick roping, which helped her overcome many personal trials in her life. Eventually, she learned other western arena arts such as gun spinning and whip cracking, along with the stories and morals of the old west. 

-Music/Guitar classes:  Kristen plays several instruments very well, & her strongest ability lies in her music.  She will inspire students to reach their potential and be themselves in the face of trials. To be BRAVE - 

- Artist – She is also a Cowboy Cartoonist. Shares her methods/love of art, and ways to use art to reduce anxiety.. 


Mark Munzert (    

Poetry Creative Writing/ Oral Presentation: (3rd grade – High School);    Mark will provide a fresh voice and creative writing talent, as well as sharing his unique poetry in classroom or assembly settings. Writing- Rhymed and metered poetic parlance: rhymes versus near rhymes; end rhyme schemes; syllabification;  meter (rhythmic structure); Effective Oral Presentation-basic public speaking; emotional annunciation; putting it all together.  Don't worry about the 'big' words, I break 'em down (with a lot of fun).  

Tom Swearingen-(          

Creative Writing/Cowboy Poetry - Cowboy Poetry:  What is it? Why is it? And how to create and perform it!  

Inspiring students to discover and use their own creativity to express themselves through writing and storytelling.   This can really apply to any creative writing/poetry. Tom was named 3 -times IWMA Male Cowboy Poet of the Year and his book Reflection was 2020 IWMA Cowboy Poetry Book of the Year.   Tom & Carla can do a presentation on children's books as well.  

What is it like to be a Cowboy   Dave Anderson Musician & Thatch Elmer Poetry.  Preserving history and the western way of life/code of conduct, honesty & morals, featuring a combination of musicians & poets, can be tailored to your own requests/ideas.  Presesentations- sharing through music & poetry, customs, life-styles, western ideals. Our real-life cowboys may share an array of cowboy gear, providing students hands-on participation (if desired).  Program can be designed to meet your specific classroom/school goals. 

Harmonica Instruction - Jon Chandler & Mark Firth  will teach harmonica for up to 900 of our students –Each Student will receive a harmonica to take home!  Children will learn to play 2 or 3 songs on the harmonica, and have a simple songbook.

Carter Junction   ( Clinton and Sarah Carter bring ‘Cowboy Celtic’ to the schools performing original and traditional songs in the Cowboy, Folk, and Celtic genres with Clinton on vocals and guitar and Sarah on vocals, Celtic harp, Irish drum and guitar.  

Kristyn Harris – (​​) ​Individual Classrooms, or whole school assemblies with other performers too - American Idol finalist, known for her powerful voice, swing rhythm guitar chops, songwriting, yodeling, and energetic stage presence.  She teaches these skills and encourages students to follow their dreams and succeed; 5-time International Western Music Association Entertainer of the Year, 6-time IWMA Female Performer of the Year, and 2022 Country Music Association of Texas Cowboy Western Entertainer of the Year.

Jon Chandler – (jonchandler.comA 7th generation, Coloradan, Jon’s music and stories reflect his deep western heritage. The award winning author, singer/songwriter has travelled throughout the country performing.   Jon will be teaching as a musician, harmonica instructor & storyteller.

Colt Blankman–  Local youth poet will be performing poetry with Tom Swearingen & Mark Munzert inspiring youth to follow their niche and find success.   

CVCR Youth & Adult Poetry Contest–  We invite all students & adults to join us for the Kids & Patriotic Poetry Contest to be held at the CVCR event on Sat. March 11th.  Students are encouraged to write and recite their own poetry at this contest, or present something written by someone else.  This encourages them to hone their memorization and public speaking skills and compete for the generous prizes.  Teachers can encourage students to participate.  Youth can enter the Kids AND Patriotic poetry contests, and adults the Patriotic contest.        


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