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Carter Junction

Carter Junctain Main Photo.jpg

The Cowboy Balladeer meets the Celtic Princess, the long legged guitar pickin’ man meets the lovely Celtic harp playing maiden, the booming baritone voice meets the angelic soprano pipes: from Cowboy to Country to Celtic music, the husband and wife duo of Carter Junction does it all. Clinton and Sarah Carter have performed together since they were married 8 years ago and never looked back. Clinton raised in Minnesota and Eastern Washington state, and has traveled all around the US. As a young musician, he was influenced by the writing and singing styles of Gordon Lightfoot and John Denver, spent 3 years in Nashville, and several years working as a guide and played his guitar around campfires singing for guests.  Sarah is a classically trained musician who credits Celtic Woman and Allison Krauss as early influences.  Born in Washington State she traveled abroad and performed in theaters and Celtic bands, with the harp, bodhran, and guitar.Their unique blend has awed fans across the West. They have released three albums, have been featured on PBS TV, and make their home off-grid in rural Idaho’s ranching country.

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